To My Marmee

I don’t think there is any woman alive who doesn’t have a complicated relationship with her Mother. As women we give birth to these amazing little people and have the opportunity to watch them grow. We try so hard not to project our own fears and insecurities on our children, but inevitably we do. We pray they forgive us and turn out okay anyway.

My Mom and I have not always had the best relationship. It has been a hard road littered with many tears, fights, and hurt feelings. While there are ways I don’t want to be like her (we all have that with our Moms, right??), there are many features of my Mom I pray I have.

My Mama loves with all her heart. She has never met a stranger and would invite someone she just met to Thanksgiving dinner without hesitation. She has taught me to always include everyone and to talk to people you don’t know in the grocery store. You never know if you will meet a friend that way.

Share your talents, and often. One of my favorite memories as a child was falling asleep at night listening to my parents play the piano and violin. My Mom would accompany my Dad as he played the violin. They often played in Church. My Mom and sister both have beautiful voices and would sing duets all the time. She was always willing and able to lend her musical gifts to enrich the lives of those around her.

When I was 6, Mom started taking American Sign Language classes. She thought it was a cool language and always wanted to learn it. I was her eager audience and because of her desire to learn, I became fluent and have been able to have some amazing opportunities. She and I have both interpreted for many church services. If there is a need and you can fill it, you do – plain and simple.

As the Mother of 5 children, my Mother learned that laughter is so important. My Mom taught me how to properly TP a house, took me and my friends to movies and the skate rink, and always had a pantry full of snacks for the neighbor kids. She wanted our home to be the house where all the kids would congregate, and they did. When you walked through the doors of our home, you felt loved.

Right now my parents are on a mission for our church. They are in the Philippines for 2 years, sweating, serving, loving and learning. The lessons they are teaching my children right now are just amazing. Teaching my children to serve others, to give of themselves, and to not be selfish are worth more than I could ever describe.

I am so grateful for my Mom. I won’t get to see her again until August 2013, and the Philippines is so very far away. But, I know she reads my blog. So I am using this public place to tell her what she needs to hear.


You are amazing. You have done a great job as a Mom. You are an even better Meemaw. You are soft when needed and firm when necessary. Your 25 grandpeople know you love them more than life it’s self. Your 5 children (and 4 inlaw kids) know you would give the shirt off your back if it would help us. I learn from you every day and am so grateful that not only are you my Marmee, but you are my friend.

You have often said to me we don’t give birth and look at these little people and think, “huh, I wonder how I’m going to screw this one up!”. I know you have often felt a failure in the parenting arena, we all feel that way. But I need you to know you are not a failure. You truly have done a wonderful job and I love you.

Happy Mother’s Day Mama.


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  1. You so beautifully capture the complex and in my case often tortured relationship we have with our mothers.thank you for this reminder that really it is all love.

  2. Carrie says:

    I love you both! xx

  3. Liz says:

    Beautiful post and a very lovely tribute to your mom.

  4. awwww — Kim <3 Just yes, I think you speak for MANY. Love this.

  5. Cristin says:

    Oh Sister… you hit the nail on the head, as usual! I laughed and cried at this one. I love you and I love our mom too! Thanks for putting into words, what many of us feel in our hearts towards our mom!


  6. Mom says:

    It is 5 a.m., the roosters are crowing, dogs barking, people milling around and life is awake 10,000 miles away from you sweetie. I awoke early [as usual] and haven’t checked the computer for a couple of days because I have been battling a virus but when I opened it this morning, what a treat! I cried…I laughed..I remembered….you are so sweet. Raising you was a pure joy to me-we had a little trouble in the 90’s but that was MY issue, not yours as you well know. I am glad that you are a forgiving person and we were able to move on. I love you and your family so much-you are an amazing mom. I spent yesterday reminiscing about our earlier conversation and that little LIbby…she is a character and so delightful, just like your whole group. We look forward to being able to interact with your kids [and your fantastic man, Jer] for many years to come. Thanks for the early wishes…I have 5 awesome kids and am SO grateful the our Heavenly Father trusted ME, this downhome, midwestern girl who didn’t know squat when she got married with such a glorious task as mothering these spirits. I have been lucky indeed…love you and thanks for the post-you are an angel…

  7. Having such a complicated with my own mama made me nervous to have a daughter of my own…but I’m sure my sons will give me plenty of challenges too.

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