Sweet Liberty Jane

My dearest Libby,

Today you are 5. FIVE! You have been so excited for your birthday! You are such a sweet and spicy girl. You have attitude and you know how to use it. You can brighten an entire room with your smile. You are definitely a leader – whether at preschool, with your friends, or siblings, you know what you want are are ready to take charge.

You are my girlie girl through and through. You love princesses, pink, twirly skirts and sparkles. You have never known a stranger and have always been quick to make friends. You love riding your bike, although you’re still a bit afraid to take off the training wheels. You really don’t need to be though, you balance great – you’re just afraid of the brakes.

I love how much you love your Daddy. You call him Fuzzy Chin,and he is your favorite person in the world. You tell us often that you are in love with him and want to marry him someday. You are his snuggle girl and you love to have all of his attention. You are definitely a Daddy’s girl – always have been.

I can’t wait to watch you grow this year. You will learn to read and write this year – I will be the one to teach you. Just as soon as this baby brother of yours stops screaming all the time.

You are already so responsible and love to clean and keep things orderly. If your room is not clean and Amelia says it is, you will show her what needs to be cleaned. You like order and structure. You are such a great helper and I really appreciate that.

You are SO funny! You love to do anything to make people laugh. Your goofy personality is one of the things people love about you the most. I love hearing your laugh, and lucky for me – I get to a lot!

I love you so much my sweet Liberty. Even when you are sassy and scream at me (or anyone else that crosses your path), you are such a light to everyone around you. I am so happy to be your Mama and can’t wait to see what this year holds for you.

Love you forever baby girl,


Photo credit: Leilani Rogers

Sorry this is a day late. Yesterday was just too crazy with the birthday celebrations, fussy baby, and playing Duplos with my girl.

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  1. Heather says:

    I love you, Libby! I can’t believe I’ve gotten to know you all five of your years! It’s so fun and good to be your friend right here in Texas!!


  2. Libby is the sweetest!

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