Babywearing: Creating a Bond to Last a Lifetime

There is a special bond that parents have with their children. Whether you carried your baby in your body or in your heart, they are yours and you are theirs, forever. This bond is created not only by birth, but by love. Some parents have an easier time cultivating that bond than others. Sometimes, through no fault of their own, it is just so hard to connect with their child. It may be that they were never taught how to really care for another person, they might not be naturally nurturing, maybe postpartum depression has effected them so that bonding is impeded.

For me, one the best ways to strengthen this bond has been through babywearing. When Emma was born, 11 years ago, my sister gave me a Maya Wrap sling. I wore my sweet girl everywhere we went. I wore her at the grocery store, while cleaning the house, on walks, in church, and at her Daddy’s graduation ceremony. When she was 7 months old, we went to New Orleans for a week. I wore her all through town. Strangers would stop me on the street and comment on how happy she was. I firmly believe it was because I wore her all the time. One month later she died. After her death, I realized how lucky I was that I knew about babywearing. That I had so many special moments with her so close to me. That throughout her life, she was safe and close to me and felt secure.

Since her death, I have gone on to wear 5 more babies. I have heard plenty of snarky comments from people about doing it. “He will never learn to walk if you keep carrying him”, “She will be so dependent on you if you keep wearing her all the time”, “You already carried him for 9 months, why torture yourself??”. I typically smile and, depending on the situation, walk away or educate on why this is a good thing. My children can all walk (except Zachary, for obvious reasons), it is not torture to wear my child and have a sweet baby head always within sniffing distance, and none of my children are overly dependent on me for anything. In fact, they are all quite independent.

I believe their independence comes directly from babywearing. As I wore my children, we created a strong bond and sense of security for them. They quickly learned I would always be there. They knew, when the time came, they could leave me and explore the world around them. They could explore because they knew I would always be there for them. When my babies become mobile, it is not uncommon for them to get out of the baby carrier, crawl around for a bit, and then come back to me and want to get back in. They know I am there, so they explore more freely. I know that through wearing my babies, we have formed very strong bonds. Not only has it made parenting so much easier for me, it has made growing up so much easier for them.

The increased awareness of babywearing has lead to many new carriers on the market. There are ring slings, wraps and structured soft carriers. My two favorites are ring slings and structured soft carriers. The Boba structured carrier is great for wearing babies of all ages and sizes. When they are new, their little legs tuck up under them. As babies grow, their legs are spread out in an ergonomically correct position. With positions on front and in back, it truly makes for hands-free parenting. Babywearing is one of the first ways I create bonds with my babies. These are bonds that last a lifetime and with the right carrier, it becomes that much easier.

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  1. kate says:

    oh how I miss miss miss my sling days! I still think my sling is my all time favorite baby item I had!!!! I had two…one was made by this really cute sweet friend of mine :) I miss that friend! Love ya, Kim!

  2. I saw a mom at the library wearing her baby in a ring sling and I was overcome with nostalgia to wear my babies again! It’s been too long!


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