Mr. E is 3!

My sweet Elliott,

Today you are 3. You are so funny, sweet, kind, strong, smart, creative, expressive…the list could go on and on and on.


You came into this world in a whirlwind and have not stopped since. You are curious, happy, and such a lovable little guy.

You will try anything and love to do everything by yourself. Even with a broken arm, you haven’t slowed down a bit. You have one speed and it is FAST, unless it’s first thing in the morning and then you just want to snuggle Mama.

You are smart, brave, caring and kind. You love your brothers and sisters and your friends. You love Star Wars, Spider-Man, My Little Pony, Frozen, riding your bike, swimming, and doing just about anything else outside. You are happily potty-trained and love to pee in the bushes any chance you get.

They Will Be Ok...and So Will I.

Even though you are my first Texas baby, I have yet to hear you say “y’all”…I’m still waiting for that. You can be such a tender kiddo and want to make sure others are happy. You can also be very fierce. With an older brother, you know all about guns, lightsabers, shooting, swords, and crossbows. You can go from playing with babies one minute, to out shooting bad guys and hunting for ghosts the next.


Happy birthday my sweet boy. I hope that this year brings you so much love, laughter, learning and growth. I hope that we can avoid the typical 3 year old screaming attitude and you will remain my sweet, sweet boy. But I promise, even if you are more of a stinker this year than in years past, I will remember it is a phase and that my sweet, sweet boy is still there. I love you so so much baby boy.




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  1. Bridget says:

    He looks so BIG in that last picture! Happy birthday, little man!

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