Happy 11th Birthday!

Eleven years ago I became a Mom.

It is a day I will never forget and is filled with bittersweet feelings. I am so glad I was blessed to be Emma’s Mom.

I miss her today just as much as other days. I can’t wait for the day when she can be with her siblings and I can watch them all together.

Happy birthday baby girl. I love you baby.

Sweet, Sassy, Seven

Yesterday my sweet Amelia Mae turned 7. She went to bed on Saturday night saying, “I can’t believe when I wake up tomorrow I will be 7!!”. She was so excited for her big day, and it did not disappoint. She had a birthday party on Saturday with her friends, ate BBQ to her heart’s content last night and got to choose our movie for movie night – The Lorax. It was a perfect day for my perfectly sweet girl.

Dearest Amelia,

Oh how I love you. You are such a light in my life. You are my peacemaker, wanting to make everyone feel loved and included. When there is an argument between your siblings you try to make it better. However when you are included in the argument, you hold your ground – sometimes with screaming in the face of the perpetrator. You are strong, smart and oh so sassy. You just finished your first year of swim team and LOVED it!!! I think you surprised yourself with how good you are getting at swimming and what a natural you are. I know as you keep working you will get faster and better. You are determined to make things good and right for all around you.

You are quiet in new situations, aren’t a big talker in big crowds and really love your alone time. You are my introvert. You would rather spend the day coloring, drawing, and writing stories than in a crowd of people. Your favorite playmates are your siblings and you are (usually) so good to them. Elliott sure loves you because you are his little Mama.

You are my sweet girl, or as Meemaw says, “sugar with legs”. You make everyone around you happy and I am so very blessed to be your Mama.

Happy birthday sweetie!!


Now for the birthday interview…

What is your favorite color? Light Blue

What is your favorite food? Mom…you know it! It’s Bar-B-Que!

What was your favorite birthday gift? I loved them all.

What do you think you will like most about being 7? That I get more priveledges.

What is your favorite sport? SWIMMING!

What is your favorite stroke to do in swimming? Freestyle

Why? Because I’m really good at it.

Why are you so sweet? *shrugs shoulders* I don’t know.

What is something new you want to learn this year? I really want to learn how to do cartwheels.

What do you want to be when you grow up? This is hard…I want to be a ROCK STAR!

What is your favorite subject in school? Reading.

If you had $100 to spend on ANYTHING, what would you buy? I would buy books, books, books…and more books!

What is your favorite hobby? ART!

I love my Missy Mae Mae, Suzy Q, Suzy, Miss Suzy, Lucy Loo, Sassy, Sassafrass, Mia, Amelia Bedelia, Mia Bedia, Amy…girl of a hundred nick names. She is the sweetest thing and I pray someday she gets a girl just like her :)

Love you my sweet girl!!


He is 2


My dear sweet Elliott,

Today you are two. You are my sweet sweet boy. You are so happy, so loving, so kind…except when you’re being 2, and then you are a spitfire. You love your sisters and brother, love your Mama and Daddy and love your friends.

You love to sing. Your favorites are Hourglass, Golden Slumbers, Firework, and anything from Tangled. You definitely play with Libby the most, because you know the names of all the ponies from My Little Pony, you love all Princesses and you like to wear headbands.

Today you woke up so happy. Seth came into my room and you lifted your arms and left with him. What you played I’m not sure, I was sleeping blissfully. It wasn’t until Seth brought you back to my room only to leave and shut the door did I realize why. That is when you informed me that you pooped. After a diaper change, I gave you your favorite breakfast treat – Pop Tarts. Yep, I’m an awesome Mom. Don’t ever forget that you got Pop Tarts for your 2nd birthday!

After opening presents, bath time with Libby and some snuggles with Mama, you were ready for a nap. I love that you still love napping. You love your 2 1/2 hours of sleep, and so do I.

We had such a great day, you had fun at Church, ate yummy pizza and thoroughly enjoyed your cupcakes. All in all, it was a fantastic day to celebrate my sweet baby boy.

I am so incredibly grateful that you are mine. The Lord knew we needed such a sweet child in our home when He sent you to us. You bring such laughter, peace and love to all around you. You love with all your heart, give hugs and kisses and “I love you’s” unprompted. You get so excited when it’s time to get the big kids from school and get sad on days when they are gone.

You are increasingly independent and when you do something you proudly proclaim, “I did it!”. Your love knows no boundaries and you are often heard saying, “I love it!”. While you absolutely have the 2 year old temper, you quickly forget who did you wrong and will tackle them with hugs.

You are my snuggle bug and love to “nuggle Mama”. Most the time I love it too. Except at 5 am…then it’s not my favorite ;). I can’t wait to see you be a big brother and how wonderful you will be. I just know you will love to take care of your new little brother.

I love you my sweet boy. You are such an important part of our family and my heart.

Love you,


Now you are 34.

I have tried to write this post several times. But there is just no way I can find words sufficient to sum up how grateful I am that you were born.

You are my best friend, my partner, my confidant, my therapist, my everything. You stand by me in all my crazy ideas, support me tenderly, call me out on the carpet when I need to be, and keep me sane.

You are an amazing father to our babies. You love them, give them all you possibly can, and do everything for them. They adore you, look up to you, and one of them wants to marry you.

I love you Jeremy. I am so grateful you were born, and even more grateful I married you.

Happy Birthday (a day late) babe,




Baby Me, 6 weeks old

Today I usher in my 36th year. This weekend has been fantastic, filled with pampering by my husband, a multitude of pictures and letters from my children, and sloppy birthday kisses this morning (from the kids, not Jeremy). I am so blessed.

In keeping with my gratitude theme for the year, for the rest of this month, I will give you 36 things I am grateful for. This will be on Monday of every week to give me things to focus on that I am grateful for that week.

On Saturday I was able to go to a Women’s Conference at my church. I attended one class all about gratitude. I was reminded that we are told to give gratitude in all things. The Lord has given us so much and we have no reason not to be grateful in all things, and in all situations.

So, here I go. The first 12 things I am grateful for in my 36th year.

1. My family. I know, this is a no-brainer, but really – my husband and children are my reason for everything I do. They give me love, support, hope, laughter and healing to my soul when I need it most.

2. My Savior – I am so grateful I can repent of my sins, I can be better everyday, I can learn and grow, and eventually return to live with Him again someday.

3. My Parents – My folks set such a great example for me and my children. They are serving a mission for our church right now, and have had some amazing adventures. They gave up 2 years of their lives to serve the Lord. I am so grateful for the example they have set for my children.

4. My home – while it is not my dream home and there are many things I don’t like about it – I am grateful it is close to the school, it has enough room for all of us, it keeps us warm and sheltered from the elements.

5. My voice – I am grateful that I am able to express my feelings through this medium. I have never had a hard time expressing myself through word, song or poetry. I am grateful for that gift.

6. My body – It is not the body I want. It is softer than I would like, a bit flabbier than I desire, but it is healthy and strong. It has carried 6 children, nourished 5 of them, run a half marathon, several 5k’s and competed in a triathlon. My body is a place of refuge for my children, and of love for my husband. My body has carried me through the last 36 years and will continue to do so for the next 36. It is amazing and I am so grateful for it.

7. Texas winters – this one might seem a bit trivial, but for those living in Utah, they get it. The inversion and air quality in the winter in Utah is so bad and there were many days we couldn’t go outside because the air quality was so bad. I love not having to shovel, scrape ice, or bundle up in anything more than a fleece. I love wearing sandals 11 months out of the year and that my children can play outside in the winter.

8. This baby – I have had a hard time getting “into” this pregnancy. The way this baby came to our family is a story for another day (no, not the birds and the bees part), but I will say that it has required a lot of faith on my part. However, I am so grateful for this child and the spirit that s/he is already bringing to our home.

9. The Priesthood - in The Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day Saints, we believe that the Priesthood is the power of God on earth. It is what allows us to be married for eternity, baptized in Jesus’ name, and many other ordinances in our church. I am grateful for the power of the Priesthood and the way it blesses the life of me and my family.

10. Allergy Shots – I know this one seems a little silly, but I live in an area of the country that is known for it’s allergies. As everything pollinates in the winter, November – March can be very miserable for a lot of people. I am grateful that I have been doing allergy shots for the last year and for the relief they have given me. :)

11. Hugs from my kiddos – I love when they rand0mly come up to me and wrap their arms around my neck and tell me they love me. Best moments ever.

12. Friends – I have had the opportunity in my life to make many different friends. I have lived in a lot of different places, and my life has been touched by so many different people. I am grateful for all of them and what they have taught me.

Next week I will continue this exercise in finding gratitude in all things. I hope you’ll join me.

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