Six years of Liberty

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My sweet Liberty,

You are my sweet baby girl. My bundle of energy and love. The friendliest child I have ever birthed and had the privilege of loving. You are a spit-fire and know what you want in this world. I love that about you.

You are sweet and sassy, love your friends, your siblings (most of the time), and Mama and Fuzzy Chin. You haven’t called Daddy “Daddy” in a very long time…just Fuzzy Chin. We all love it.


I love how forgiving you are, especially with your siblings. They are not always the kindest to you, but you continually forgive them and keep trying to get along with everyone. When your feelings get hurt, you get mad, but then you get on with life…usually. You have been known to have some pretty epic meltdowns, so when you do get mad, everyone knows it.


I love your sense of humor. You are such a funny girl. You love to make people laugh. This makes everyone like you.

Every bit the girlie-girl, you love all things pink and princess. Playing dress-up, getting your nails done, looking fancy; these are all very important parts of your life.


You try hard to make sure everyone feels included and wanted when you play. I especially love how you make sure to include your sister when you meet new friends. You know it is easier for you to meet people than it is for her, so you introduce her and include her. When you do this, it makes my heart swell with love.

2013-04-17 12.25.09

.You are such a great sister to all the kids. Being smack-dab in the middle isn’t easy, but you seem to love it. The little boys adore you, and the big kids do too (even though they don’t always show it). You are so musically talented. You can hear a song once and know it. This makes for some pretty funny moments as you sing songs I had no idea you even knew!

Photo Credit: Leilani Rogers

Photo Credit: Leilani Rogers

I am so glad you are my sweet baby girl. Your heart is golden and I am so proud of the wonderful girl you are. Keep being a good friend and sister and you will go far.


Love you baby,


It’s Just Hair

One of Liberty’s defining features is her hair. When she was about 2, it really started to grow and I could do pig tails, braids, and ponytails. She was often getting compliments on her beautiful locks, and I loved it.


She has the type of hair I always wanted. It air-dries beautifully, so straight and shiny. While it is thick like mine, she lacks the frizz and natural curl that Amelia and I have. Amelia and I have the same hair – it is just curly enough that if you let it air dry, it can look pretty wonky. And going to sleep on wet hair? Forget it.

Not Liberty. Girlfriend has never had a bad hair day.


When the movie, Tangled, came out, Libby was just 2. She fell in love with Rapunzel quickly and since that time, has told me she was going to grow her hair just like Rapunzels. With hair nearing the top of her bum, she was definitely on her way.

Recently, she and I were talking about kids who lose their hair for various reasons. One of her good friends has a sister who had brain cancer. She remembers Jaylie without hair, and all that she went through. When I told her that people donate their hair for kids to have wigs made, she got a spark in her eye. She wanted in. She wanted to donate her hair for another child.

My heart swelled with pride and love for this sweet, tender, giving girl. But I was also really sad, because I LOVED her hair. But, it’s hair, and hair grows back. At least for my darling daughter it does. How could I say no?

Photo Credit: Leilani Rogers

Photo Credit: Leilani Rogers

I couldn’t.

I researched different places to send her hair. Locks of Love, Wigs for Kids, and Pantene Beautiful Lengths. These were the 3 I knew about. I was not really wanting to give to Locks of Love. I had read some negative press about them, and didn’t like that the families would have to pay for a wig. Wigs for Kids needed 12 inches, and I wasn’t ready to part with that much hair. Pantene Beautiful Lengths is just for adults, and she really wanted to give to kids.

I asked on Facebook, and one of my friends left this short comment; Children with Hair Loss. That’s all she said. I was curious as I had never heard of this company. I did a quick google search and found that this is a company that not only gives wigs for free, but they give wigs for free every year until the child turns 21. They also give TIGI hair care products every year too. For free. And they only needed 8 inches.

Hair Collage

So, we went to Great Clips and Libby donated 10 inches of her beautiful hair. She was so happy, is so happy. She is so excited that her hair is going to make another child happy. She can’t wait to grow it out and (maybe) donate it again.

I am so proud of my girl. I am so glad I didn’t say no. I am so glad she has the heart she does and that she wants to help others.

Carpet Skating

I remember it so clearly, watching the beautiful women fly on the ice. They made it look so easy, so magical. The sequins, the makeup, the hair, the music. I wanted to be just like them. I wanted to fly. I wanted to leap into the air and come down spinning. I wanted to feel the cold wind in my face as I floated in that magical place. I would spin around and around in my socks on the kitchen linoleum. In my nightgown, I was transformed to a beautiful ice skater.

I never knew their names, I never followed them more than that moment on TV. I would jump and spin, make routines in my head and follow my heart as I flew through the house.

In the blink of an eye, I am the Mother watching my daughters. They ooh and aah at the costumes. They put on socks and spin on the kitchen floor and skate all over the carpet. They imagine their own costumes and choreograph their own routines. I watch them soar and dream, and I remember.

Today I turn 37, but I swear just yesterday I was six and dreaming.

~just write

Sweet Liberty Jane

My dearest Libby,

Today you are 5. FIVE! You have been so excited for your birthday! You are such a sweet and spicy girl. You have attitude and you know how to use it. You can brighten an entire room with your smile. You are definitely a leader – whether at preschool, with your friends, or siblings, you know what you want are are ready to take charge.

You are my girlie girl through and through. You love princesses, pink, twirly skirts and sparkles. You have never known a stranger and have always been quick to make friends. You love riding your bike, although you’re still a bit afraid to take off the training wheels. You really don’t need to be though, you balance great – you’re just afraid of the brakes.

I love how much you love your Daddy. You call him Fuzzy Chin,and he is your favorite person in the world. You tell us often that you are in love with him and want to marry him someday. You are his snuggle girl and you love to have all of his attention. You are definitely a Daddy’s girl – always have been.

I can’t wait to watch you grow this year. You will learn to read and write this year – I will be the one to teach you. Just as soon as this baby brother of yours stops screaming all the time.

You are already so responsible and love to clean and keep things orderly. If your room is not clean and Amelia says it is, you will show her what needs to be cleaned. You like order and structure. You are such a great helper and I really appreciate that.

You are SO funny! You love to do anything to make people laugh. Your goofy personality is one of the things people love about you the most. I love hearing your laugh, and lucky for me – I get to a lot!

I love you so much my sweet Liberty. Even when you are sassy and scream at me (or anyone else that crosses your path), you are such a light to everyone around you. I am so happy to be your Mama and can’t wait to see what this year holds for you.

Love you forever baby girl,


Photo credit: Leilani Rogers

Sorry this is a day late. Yesterday was just too crazy with the birthday celebrations, fussy baby, and playing Duplos with my girl.

Liberty Bibberty Boo

My dearest Liberty,

September 9, 2008 you came into my world with just one push. My sweet girl who I was just sure was a boy. We were all so surprised when you were born and Seth got to see if he had a brother or sister. Upon seeing your umbilical cord between your legs he proudly proclaimed, “It’s a brother!”. I looked and chuckled and said, “No buddy, that’s a sister”. He said, “I get another sister? Awesome!”.

Your birth was so amazing and I felt as if you were leading me for months before you were to be born. You told me your name, you helped me keep you safe as you were being born. You are such a little miracle and I am so grateful for you.

You are so adored, I want you to always remember that. Your big brother and sister love you so much. You are so much fun to be around and so much fun to have in our family. You are such a great big sister to Elliott and love him so much. One of Elliott’s first words was “Bib” because he loves you so much. You love playing with your Sissy and Bubby and are always so excited when it’s time to go get them from school.

You have a fiery personality and are always ready with a smile. You are the friendliest of all of my children. Every person you meet is your friend, they just don’t know it yet. There are people in this world who truly never know a stranger – you are one of them.

I love snuggling with you, singing with you, creating with you and reading you  stories. I absolutely adore playing Hi-Ho Cherrio and Strawberry Shortcake Memory with you. Some of my favorite times right now are when Elliott sleeps and you and I get Mom and Libby time. You love to sew and are getting pretty good at keeping the fabric straight on the machine. You also love singing and learn songs so quickly. Your favorites are Moves Like Jagger, Dynamite and most recently, The Healing Incantation from Tangled. I love listening to you sing, whether it is a real song or one you’ve just made up, it always makes me smile.

Between your sweet cheeks, darling smile and beautiful blue eyes, it is VERY difficult to ever tell you no.

Happy birthday to my darling girl. I had so much fun celebrating your day with you. I’m sorry we couldn’t have your party on Saturday because of your fever. We will have so much fun doing it next Saturday my sweet Princess.

Love you so much sweet girl,


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