Carpet Skating

I remember it so clearly, watching the beautiful women fly on the ice. They made it look so easy, so magical. The sequins, the makeup, the hair, the music. I wanted to be just like them. I wanted to fly. I wanted to leap into the air and come down spinning. I wanted to feel the cold wind in my face as I floated in that magical place. I would spin around and around in my socks on the kitchen linoleum. In my nightgown, I was transformed to a beautiful ice skater.

I never knew their names, I never followed them more than that moment on TV. I would jump and spin, make routines in my head and follow my heart as I flew through the house.

In the blink of an eye, I am the Mother watching my daughters. They ooh and aah at the costumes. They put on socks and spin on the kitchen floor and skate all over the carpet. They imagine their own costumes and choreograph their own routines. I watch them soar and dream, and I remember.

Today I turn 37, but I swear just yesterday I was six and dreaming.

~just write

Sweet Liberty Jane

My dearest Libby,

Today you are 5. FIVE! You have been so excited for your birthday! You are such a sweet and spicy girl. You have attitude and you know how to use it. You can brighten an entire room with your smile. You are definitely a leader – whether at preschool, with your friends, or siblings, you know what you want are are ready to take charge.

You are my girlie girl through and through. You love princesses, pink, twirly skirts and sparkles. You have never known a stranger and have always been quick to make friends. You love riding your bike, although you’re still a bit afraid to take off the training wheels. You really don’t need to be though, you balance great – you’re just afraid of the brakes.

I love how much you love your Daddy. You call him Fuzzy Chin,and he is your favorite person in the world. You tell us often that you are in love with him and want to marry him someday. You are his snuggle girl and you love to have all of his attention. You are definitely a Daddy’s girl – always have been.

I can’t wait to watch you grow this year. You will learn to read and write this year – I will be the one to teach you. Just as soon as this baby brother of yours stops screaming all the time.

You are already so responsible and love to clean and keep things orderly. If your room is not clean and Amelia says it is, you will show her what needs to be cleaned. You like order and structure. You are such a great helper and I really appreciate that.

You are SO funny! You love to do anything to make people laugh. Your goofy personality is one of the things people love about you the most. I love hearing your laugh, and lucky for me – I get to a lot!

I love you so much my sweet Liberty. Even when you are sassy and scream at me (or anyone else that crosses your path), you are such a light to everyone around you. I am so happy to be your Mama and can’t wait to see what this year holds for you.

Love you forever baby girl,


Photo credit: Leilani Rogers

Sorry this is a day late. Yesterday was just too crazy with the birthday celebrations, fussy baby, and playing Duplos with my girl.

Liberty Bibberty Boo

My dearest Liberty,

September 9, 2008 you came into my world with just one push. My sweet girl who I was just sure was a boy. We were all so surprised when you were born and Seth got to see if he had a brother or sister. Upon seeing your umbilical cord between your legs he proudly proclaimed, “It’s a brother!”. I looked and chuckled and said, “No buddy, that’s a sister”. He said, “I get another sister? Awesome!”.

Your birth was so amazing and I felt as if you were leading me for months before you were to be born. You told me your name, you helped me keep you safe as you were being born. You are such a little miracle and I am so grateful for you.

You are so adored, I want you to always remember that. Your big brother and sister love you so much. You are so much fun to be around and so much fun to have in our family. You are such a great big sister to Elliott and love him so much. One of Elliott’s first words was “Bib” because he loves you so much. You love playing with your Sissy and Bubby and are always so excited when it’s time to go get them from school.

You have a fiery personality and are always ready with a smile. You are the friendliest of all of my children. Every person you meet is your friend, they just don’t know it yet. There are people in this world who truly never know a stranger – you are one of them.

I love snuggling with you, singing with you, creating with you and reading you  stories. I absolutely adore playing Hi-Ho Cherrio and Strawberry Shortcake Memory with you. Some of my favorite times right now are when Elliott sleeps and you and I get Mom and Libby time. You love to sew and are getting pretty good at keeping the fabric straight on the machine. You also love singing and learn songs so quickly. Your favorites are Moves Like Jagger, Dynamite and most recently, The Healing Incantation from Tangled. I love listening to you sing, whether it is a real song or one you’ve just made up, it always makes me smile.

Between your sweet cheeks, darling smile and beautiful blue eyes, it is VERY difficult to ever tell you no.

Happy birthday to my darling girl. I had so much fun celebrating your day with you. I’m sorry we couldn’t have your party on Saturday because of your fever. We will have so much fun doing it next Saturday my sweet Princess.

Love you so much sweet girl,


My Four

All day long I tried to get a picture of the four of them together. Between swimming, naps, friends coming over and fireworks it never happened. I had a grand plan for a picture of them all eating at our 4th of July cook-out we went to. No one ate at the same time.

We got home and I said, SIT on the driveway! I am getting a picture of you 4 if it is the last thing I do!

Seems like we were all waiting for that perfect moment, and it happened. The sun was setting, the lighting was perfect and they were all happy.

Oh yes, this is perfection indeed.

Counting my Blessings

What a week we’ve had. Seth had Cub Scout day camp last week. I fully intended on getting up there one day and taking pictures of him enjoying his first experience with Scouts. However I spent the week covered in vomit.

Oh yes, it was glorious. You know this motherhood gig is really so glamorous don’t you?

Elliott started it all on Wednesday by throwing up in his carseat as we were headed out to the splash pad.

Blessing #1 – we hadn’t left yet. Thank HEAVENS Seth didn’t have his shoes and I had to go back inside to get them.

He was better the next day so I decided to take the girls out of the house to get some pizza and a much needed Sonic drink stop for Mom. My car had other ideas when I noticed it driving strange as we pulled out of the driveway.

Defeated, I came back inside and 10 minutes later, Elliott threw up again.

Blessing #2 – he didn’t yak in his now very clean carseat!

He seemed better the rest of the night and when Jeremy came home he was able to fix the tire on the van.

Blessing #3 – we had a full size spare!

That night I went to bed and was feeling a little off, but I figured it was just from lack of sleep. In the early hours of Friday morning Libby threw up all over my bed. I got her cleaned up and settled on my floor while Jeremy cleaned up our bed (and her bed). The rest of the night was spent on high alert as I listened for her to moan a bit – always what comes before my kids throw up.

I woke up on Friday morning not feeling well, so Jeremy took the day off. That day found all 3 girls sick.

Blessing #4 – Jeremy has a great job where he can take off to take care of his sickly wife and daughters.

Friday night Seth came home from his last day of  Cub Camp and threw up at the top of the stairs. Then Amelia kept throwing up. And Seth knocked over the big container of liquid laundry detergent Jeremy was using to clean up the vomit…oh and then the power went out.  That was a super special night.

We woke on Saturday morning and I was feeling better – not great, but better. However now Jeremy had it. Will this ever end? I took Elliott and did grocery shopping while the big kids had a movie day.

Blessing #5 – Jeremy was the only one throwing up on Saturday.

Sunday morning dawned and everyone was feeling better. Our house was ready to be aired out and get all the sickies gone. Now that the week is behind us, we have some serious catching up to do, but that is okay. I am just so grateful we are all healthy and strong 99% of the time.

Blessing #6 – We are all usually very healthy and I am so grateful I have children here that can get sick!

Counting my blessings sure made getting through a really difficult 4 days just a little bit better.


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