I Want to be Like my Children


I want to be like my children. I want to be sure that no matter what I wear, I will look and feel amazing. I want to be confident that mixing plaids and polka dots does not only look fabulous, but not care if it does or doesn’t. I want to wear clothes with no thought other than how comfortable it is.

I want to run and not do it because I have to, or because I am trying to get fit. I want to run because it is a mode of transportation and it is fun. I want to feel my limbs move swiftly beneath me, the wind in my hair, the sweat falling down my face, all while I am laughing and playing.

I want to have adventures. I want to play in the woods making up games with my siblings. I want to pack my provisions and be off for the day, knowing no matter how far I go, my Mom will always be able to find me; mostly because I won’t be gone very far.

I want to live in a world where imagination reigns supreme and she with the best imagination is the winner.

I want to be more like my children. I want to expect the best in people. I want to believe that everyone has my best interests at heart and would never want to hurt me. I want to believe that when people say they will do something, it will really happen. I want to be forgiving like my children. When my feelings get hurt, I want to be sad for a minute, and then get on with life.

I want to sing and not care who is listening. I want to dance in the grocery store. I want to dress “fancy” and know that everyone who sees me thinks I am the most beautiful girl in the world. I want to not worry about what anyone thinks but myself…and maybe my Mama and Daddy.

I miss the innocence of my own childhood, but I am so grateful I can watch it again in my children’s eyes. I firmly believe this is the reason God gives us little people. To bring us back to what is important. To help us find the best in ourselves; just like they do.

As I grow up, I want to become more like my children.

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