Making Memories

This post is sponsored by Acorn and Goldrich Eggs.  All words and opinions are my own. To see more recipes using Goldrich Eggs, check out Pinterest and #goldrichyolk

When I think about family traditions and memories of my childhood, many of these memories are surrounded by food. Eating smoked turkey and roasting little smokies on Christmas Eve, Christmas morning casserole and Mom’s cinnamon rolls on Christmas, steak at Grama’s house, peanut butter toast, root beer, and cheese balls on hot summer days at Gram’s house…these are just a few of the memories of my childhood.

I was lucky as a kid, because for the first 11 years of my life, my Grandparents lived only 45 minutes away. Then, until I was 16, they were 6 hours away. I was able to make lots of memories with my Grama and my Great-Grandma. My children see their Grandparents only a few times a year. So, when they are here, I work really hard at giving them opportunities for memory making.

This year for Thanksgiving, my parents drove from Utah to visit our new house in Texas. We were all so excited to spend a whole week with Meemaw and Grampa. My children are all pretty quick to warm up to their Grandparents when they come. All, but Amelia. She is my introvert. She is shy and quiet until she knows you and feels comfortable with you. My Mom has told me that her goal when she comes to visit is to break through Amelia’s shell.

photo 1-7

This time, it happened. My Mom asked Amelia to help her make some yummy cinnamon bread.

photo 5

photo 3-4

As they worked together, measuring, mixing, and kneading, something magical happened. Amelia started to open up to her Meemaw and a memory was made that will last a lifetime. Next time my folks come to visit, I don’t think Amelia will be shy with them. Through this little bit of one on one time with my Mom, Amelia’s exterior started to melt and made her much more comfortable.

photo 4-2

This is a priceless gift and a memory they both will cherish forever.



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