Six years of Liberty

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My sweet Liberty,

You are my sweet baby girl. My bundle of energy and love. The friendliest child I have ever birthed and had the privilege of loving. You are a spit-fire and know what you want in this world. I love that about you.

You are sweet and sassy, love your friends, your siblings (most of the time), and Mama and Fuzzy Chin. You haven’t called Daddy “Daddy” in a very long time…just Fuzzy Chin. We all love it.


I love how forgiving you are, especially with your siblings. They are not always the kindest to you, but you continually forgive them and keep trying to get along with everyone. When your feelings get hurt, you get mad, but then you get on with life…usually. You have been known to have some pretty epic meltdowns, so when you do get mad, everyone knows it.


I love your sense of humor. You are such a funny girl. You love to make people laugh. This makes everyone like you.

Every bit the girlie-girl, you love all things pink and princess. Playing dress-up, getting your nails done, looking fancy; these are all very important parts of your life.


You try hard to make sure everyone feels included and wanted when you play. I especially love how you make sure to include your sister when you meet new friends. You know it is easier for you to meet people than it is for her, so you introduce her and include her. When you do this, it makes my heart swell with love.

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.You are such a great sister to all the kids. Being smack-dab in the middle isn’t easy, but you seem to love it. The little boys adore you, and the big kids do too (even though they don’t always show it). You are so musically talented. You can hear a song once and know it. This makes for some pretty funny moments as you sing songs I had no idea you even knew!

Photo Credit: Leilani Rogers

Photo Credit: Leilani Rogers

I am so glad you are my sweet baby girl. Your heart is golden and I am so proud of the wonderful girl you are. Keep being a good friend and sister and you will go far.


Love you baby,


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