Time With My Boys

There was an old woman who lived in a shoe,
She had so many children,
she didn’t know what to do.

Sometimes I feel like the old woman. So many people to take care of, to help, to hope are succeeding and aren’t falling through the cracks. There is swim team, soccer, girl scouts, cub scouts, school activities, homework, the list is never ending. And I know it will only get more taxing as they get older. I have already seen that in my life thus far.

I try really hard to find opportunities to have one on one time with each of them. It doesn’t matter if it is Jeremy taking one to Home Depot, or me taking one to the grocery store with me. Just giving them that alone time with Mom or Dad is really important. I remember as a child in a family of 5 kids how much I loved those stolen moments with my parents.

Yesterday, my sweet Elliott had to have a little dental work done. And by a little, I mean he had to go under general anesthesia to get 4 crowns on his front 4 top teeth and 3 fillings in his molars. My poor little guy did such a great job, but I wasn’t sure how the recovery was going to be.

So, when I heard that Sesame Street Live; Let’s Dance was going to be in Austin, I knew I needed to take him. The day after his surgery, I knew this would be something fun for him to look forward to.

The little boys and I spend a lot of time together, but it is typically grocery shopping, cleaning, running errands, etc. Not usually anything super fun. So, when I told Elliott where we were going, he was ecstatic. As soon as we walked in, he said, “Mom! It’s GROVER!” and Zachary started screaming with excitement over Cookie Monster.

Sesame Street Live

The show was darling. Professional dancers (in the costumes folks!) getting the kids up and moving. Some songs we already knew, and others were new to us. The boys were dancing around and having a ball. The seats on the floor were the best in the house, the characters came down and danced with the kids! I saw Elliott looking down there enviously, but he still loved the show.

I absolutely loved spending some time with my small boys and making memories with them. I know Zachary won’t remember this, but I will never forget how excited he was to see Elmo and his sweet dance moves. I know Elliott will remember it…in fact, he is already asking when we can go see it again.

The Boys and Elmo

I am so glad I did this with the boys. All too often, life gets crazy and it is easy to let this important alone time slide through the cracks. It goes with a more intentional parenting approach and this is what I am going to do. I am going to carve out more one on one (or one on 2) time for my babies so they know how important they are to me.


I was given tickets to take my boys to see Sesame Street Live, Let’s Dance at the Frank Erwin Center. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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