Picture Perfect

I had this vision in my head of what our Christmas cards would look like this year. My beautiful children would be dressed in coordinating colors, hair done nicely, everyone looking at me and smiling as the sunset cast the perfect glow of light on their sweet faces.

Then I remembered who my children are, that I only have an iPhone for my camera, and I would be lucky to get one of them smiling for the picture.

Sunday afternoon everyone but Seth was still in their church clothes. Without my prompting, everyone was color coordinated, and relatively happy. The light was pretty good outside, so we decided to go for it. After some coercion, I was able to get Seth to put his church clothes back on. Although they were put on over his pajamas, I wasn’t going to fight it.

Jeremy and I scanned the back yard and decided we could do a cute picture on the swing set. I love doing pictures of my kids in places where they play regularly. When I look back on those photos, it always warms my heart and brings back such great memories.

As Jeremy started to get them where they needed to be, I started snapping pictures. I love these candid moments when my kiddos are just playing and laughing with each other.


Finally got everyone in place, told them to smile and look at me, and then put in the final piece of the puzzle; Zachary.

Not as easy as it sounds. You see, my normally very happy and easy going child has been…well, not happy and easy going recently. I think it is teeth, but who knows. He has been super clingy and only wanting Mama recently.

I took 21 pictures of my 5 children. SURELY you would think at least one of them would have everyone looking at me, smiling, and not crying. Right???

This was the money shot.


Amelia (Mother hen) looking at Zachary, Elliott with his signature cartoon character eyebrows, Libby being a goofball (I think she was singing Christmas Monkey), Seth smiling the same in every picture while yelling at everyone through clenched teeth to just get this done already!!!, and Zachary, who can’t believe the injustice of being separated from his Mama.

This is real life. This is my picture perfect moment, because this truly captures my children as they are right now. We are messy, we are crazy, we are kind, we are loving, we fight, we laugh, we cry, we sing. This is who we are and who my children are right now. And I wouldn’t trade this picture for anything.

So, if you get a Christmas card from my family this year, you will see this picture and smile knowing my family is just as messy as yours. Maybe we should all be a little more transparent in our crazy lives, and then we wouldn’t all feel the pressure to be “Pinterest Perfect”.

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