How He Grows

imageHe climbs on everything. Up the stairs, right back down. Moving boxes become his slides, his tables, his boost to see the outside world.

When I am sitting at my desk, he gets the fire safe, moves it to become his step stool. Then he can be closer to Mama, on my level, or at least get the things on my desk.

Walking, signing, babbling away, this is how we spend our days. Him trying to get things he can’t have, me redirecting and helping him find something more acceptable to play with. But all he really wants is me.

I am going to miss so much about this age. I will miss the snuggles, the cuddles, the nursing. I will miss his laugh, his excitement about the world, his curiosity, and the way he holds my arm while he nurses.

I won’t miss having to move things out of reach, telling him to stop pulling out all the movies, and keeping him out of the cat’s food and water. This age is so much fun, so much work, and so worth it.

There is something I love about every age my children have been. But this age, when they are on the cusp of baby and toddler, this is my favorite. Zachary isn’t talking yet, but he is mobile. He can sign and tell me what he wants, and his personality is really starting to develop and emerge.

The days are long and the years are short. I am holding on to these days, hoping that these memories will stay with me forever.

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