I’ve felt this way before. This is not the first time in my writing life, that I have felt completely stuck. Felt as if the words just don’t know how to come out. Or I don’t know how to make them come out. It has been so long since I have written.

I have taken a break. Some time of reflection. Or maybe it’s just life with 5 small children and not having many minutes to myself anymore. Yeah, I think it’s that.

But, it’s a new month. And I have been told by some very smart friends, that the best way to exercise my writing muscles is to just do it. I am planning on writing daily this month. Some days it may be nothing more than just what my kiddos are doing, it might be an update on my insane workouts (if you’re not following on Facebook, I’ve joined a boot camp and go M-TH at 5:30 am!!), might be pictures and decorating ideas from my new house, or just a note about how much I love my life.

Because stuck or not, this is my life and I do love it.

Welcome October…time to write!

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Back to School with Mabel’s Labels!


This post is sponsored by Mabel’s Labels. They gave me a pack of labels, but all words, thoughts, and label love are my own! It wouldn’t be back to school time without a pitstop at Mabel’s Labels for our family. These sturdy, heavy duty labels come with a lot of sizes, so I don’t have [...]

Six years of Liberty

libbysbirth 175

My sweet Liberty, You are my sweet baby girl. My bundle of energy and love. The friendliest child I have ever birthed and had the privilege of loving. You are a spit-fire and know what you want in this world. I love that about you. You are sweet and sassy, love your friends, your siblings [...]

Eleven Years Gone.

How is it that time drags and flies at the same time? How is it possible that 11 years ago I held my sweet girl in my arms, nursed her, loved on her, changed her diaper, sang to her, and played with her? How is it possible it was 11 years ago? It feels like [...]

Fall Fashion (when it’s still SO HOT)


This is a sponsored post by Country Outfitters. They gave me these cute boots, and compensated me for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own. It’s #fallyall! This is my 4th Fall in Austin. You would think by now I would be used to the fact that it is still in the 100′s in [...]

It’s Just Hair


One of Liberty’s defining features is her hair. When she was about 2, it really started to grow and I could do pig tails, braids, and ponytails. She was often getting compliments on her beautiful locks, and I loved it. She has the type of hair I always wanted. It air-dries beautifully, so straight and [...]

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