Back to School with Mabel’s Labels!

This post is sponsored by Mabel’s Labels. They gave me a pack of labels, but all words, thoughts, and label love are my own!

It wouldn’t be back to school time without a pitstop at Mabel’s Labels for our family. These sturdy, heavy duty labels come with a lot of sizes, so I don’t have to buy them very often. Many of the kids school supplies are community property. But for those things that aren’t, like scissors, folders, markers, etc., I stick a label on them.

I also get pretty creative with what we put labels on. Backpacks, lunch boxes, lunch and snack containers, shoes (am I the only one who can’t get her kids to keep their shoes on?), sports equipment, and water bottles are just a few examples.

This year I needed to get Amelia some new labels. Like I said before, the labels last for a long time. And while she still has labels , this year she decided that she had outgrown the ones I bought her in Kindergarten with the princesses on them. She needed something a little more grown up. A little more “3rd grade”.

preview.aspxWe played around with the label builder, and came up with this design in the Stylish Scholar style. She loves the colors and the design. I love that they are on all her folders, backpack, lunch box, batting helmet, baseball glove, and water bottle :).

While we were playing around with hers, the other kids were dreaming of what packs they will get next year. Seth really likes the Stylish Scholars designs, while Libby and Elliott love the cute designs they can get on the Ultimate Back to School Combo.

If you haven’t gotten your labels yet, it’s not too late. These will still be around through September 30. I am even thinking of buying a pack for each of the kids teachers. Because I know they can lose things as easy as my kiddos can!


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