The Last First Birthday

Photo Credit: Leilani Rogers

Photo Credit: Leilani Rogers

Zachary Isaac
“The Lord has Remembered” “laughter”

Yesterday was the last first birthday I will ever celebrate for one of my children. My sweet Zachary turned 1, and we celebrated in style. With friends over for dinner and cake (of course cake!), we had a great evening and Zachary felt the love.

This boy is truly the sweetest child ever. Such a happy and content kiddo, he makes us all smile and laugh. He laughs, talks, makes the funniest faces, and loves his siblings more than almost anything.

In the last week he has taken his first steps, but still prefers to cruise and bear crawl. He doesn’t have any teeth, but has 6 coming in right now. Even through all that teething, he is just so joyful.


My roly poly baby, he is starting to slim out, but is still tipping the scales at 25 lbs. I love his squishiness and, much to his delight, munch on his arms, legs, and toes regularly.

Zachary talks all the time and the only thing that he says with any frequency and in context is “AT!” when looking at the cat. He also will copy when I say Seth “eth”. He lights up when Amelia comes to him. Her nickname has become The Zach Charm. When he is sad and I am not available, she is the only one that can calm him down quickly.

Of all my babies, he looks the most like Emma. People who knew her, and those who didn’t, tell me this often. It’s true, he looks so much like her, and his personality is very similar to hers. I am grateful I didn’t have a baby that looked so much like her until now.  His hair is the same color as Amelia’s and he favors her in looks a lot too.

I am so grateful for this boy in my life. He emanates pure joy. You can’t be around him and not smile, he is just that sweet. Such a calm, happy kiddo, I am truly blessed.


My Sweet Zachary,

Happy 1st birthday sweet boy. I can’t wait to see the life you live, and the amazing boy and man you become. Your name has so much meaning. The Lord remembered you needed to be in our family and that we needed you here. The Lord remembered His promises and you arrived safely and have had a beautiful first year. You have brought so much laughter into our home and will continue to do so. You are a joy and I am just so happy to be your Mama. Thank you for choosing us, thank you for being here, thank you for an amazing first year.


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