This New House : The Play Room

When we moved in June, I had every intention of showing off all the fun things we would be doing with the new house. I wanted to show you all what we are doing to make this house, our home. And it’s not that I have been neglecting telling you…it’s just really slow going :)

Just this weekend, I finally got pictures hung, and have started to tick things off my list.

When we lived in Utah, we had a basement. There was a door at the top of the basement stairs and when we had friends over, the kids would go downstairs and the adults could stay upstairs and play games, chat, etc. When we moved to Texas, we lost our basement, and anywhere for the children to go when we had friends over. Now that this has been restored, we feel so free!

We finally have had a room where the kids can have their toys, play together, by themselves, or with friends. I love that the play room has a door and a closet. It is actually the 5th bedroom in our house. However, we use this oversized room as a space for our hooligans.

This is the first room I am working on and I wanted to show you a couple of storage items that are working for us. If you are anything like us, you have an abundance of stuffed animals. I often joke that if I come home with a stuffed animal, Jeremy might leave me. We have so.many.stuffed.animals it is not funny. Well, it kind of is. This weekend I made a toy hammock for the play room. We already have a large bin of stuffed friends, and had another one filling up quickly. I love having them up high and off the floor. It gives the room a little more structure.


I very loosely followed this tutorial and love how it turned out. I love the colors. I am all about colors in the play room. I want this room to be an area that really draws my children in, and helps to spark their imaginations.

Speaking of imaginations, my children love to use theirs playing dress up. I am not sure if we have more dress ups or stuffed animals. My children have always loved to dress up, therefore we have a lot of different costumes, silks, hats, bags, and shoes. Everything one needs to have a proper dressing up.

For several years, we had the dress ups in Rubbermaid drawers. We have outgrown those drawers though. I took this great armoire my folks gave me and turned it into our dress up cabinet. Each shelf is labeled with a different type of dress up (Star Wars, Book Characters, Superheroes, Dance, Princesses). The clothes go on that shelf when it’s time to clean. Makes it super easy for the kiddos. And they love this area.


As you can see, not everything fit in the cabinet, but this area is just so much nicer than it was before. We also have dresses hanging in the closet, and slings on the wall. I love it!! I love this room and am so excited to make it just what my little people with big imaginations need!


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